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Please find below details of our new Health and safety measures we are implementing immediately due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 07866 385816 (David) or 07852 308536 9Elliot) with any questions or queries you may have.

*None of the rules below are negotiable, please read carefully before agreeing to commencement of any such works at your property or paying deposits for such works.

Our team are at liberty to leave any property immediately at any stage of works where any customer is unwilling to follow the Health and Safety rules below, set in place for the protection of each customer and engineer alike.


  1. Have you or any member of your household had COVID-19 or symptoms thereof in the past 14 days
  2. Have you been advised to self- isolate
  3. Are you or anyone in your household at a higher risk- i.e over 70 or diabetic

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the above questions we will work with you to assess your need for a member of our team visit before deciding what to do next. We are prioritising emergencies and if necessary may need to postpone your appointment to a later date.

The above questions will also be asked on engineer arrival to any booking before entry.

  • *Where a property is occupied, only works we which WE deem to be ESSENTIAL works are currently being carried out.
  • *Works which WE deem to be of a NON-ESSENTIAL nature will only be carried out where a property is completely vacated for the duration of works
  • All Jobs will be dealt with and categorised by US on an individual basis prior to booking
  • Ourselves AND CUSTOMERS to STRICTLY adhere to a social distancing rule of 2 metres at ALL times
  • All team members will clean with an antibacterial solution or equivalent antibacterial wipes where possible all work areas and entrance areas to work areas prior to commencement of works and on completion of works and leaving the property

All team members carrying out works will be required to wear the following for the duration of works whilst Inside a property:

  • Surgical masks
  • Latex gloves
  • Shoe cover protectors

-ALL CUSTOMERS prior to commencement of works should choose a designated room in their property isolated separately to any room or area of designated works and stay there where possible for the full duration of works until the engineer has left the property

-ALL CUSTOMERS when not confined to their chosen designated room or area separate from any room or area where works will be taking place, for example, to use toilet facilities, greeting engineers or making Payment and departure of engineers will be required to wear surgical masks and latex gloves at ALL TIMES whilst inside the property with engineers present. These will be supplied by D P Jones on arrival if any customer doesn’t have them.

We really appreciate your co-operation with all the rules stated above. Together we can help beat COVID-19

Kind Regards